NATDA Magazine May/Jun 2018 May/June 2018 - Page 8

The year isn’t half over, but the trailer industry has already felt a wide breadth of changes that could affect the industry in a variety of ways. A new ELD mandate is affecting trailer manufacturers across the United States, which could result in a shortage of drivers. Renegade Transport’s Robert Anderson dives into how this may affect you in Will the New ELD Mandate Affect Dealerships? (Page 14). New tax legislation has muddled the waters regarding proper filings. We’ve tried to clear the water as much as possible with David Wiggins’ article, Dealerships and the Tax Reform Act of 2017 (Page 24). With all the changes affecting the industry, it’s become more important than ever for dealers to diversify their offerings. If your service or parts center isn’t pulling in the numbers it needs to, you could feel significant effects in your overall dealership revenue. In our piece, Manufacturer Backlogs Create Great Opportunities (Page 10), we discuss just how important it can be for your dealership. We’ve also reached out to several industry experts to provide you with 9 Tips to Improve Your Dealership (Page 42) to help fine- tune some items you may have not even thought about. With the changes to the industry, we feel it’s become increasingly important to give dealers a voice to their manufacturers. So, we’ve introduced the 2018 NATDA Dealer Satisfaction Report, a confidential survey that allows dealers to rate manufacturers in eleven key categories. With this information, manufacturers can adjust their operating behaviors to better serve you. Another level of engagement for you, as a dealer, is through our 2018 NATDA Trailer Buyer’s Guide. This year, over 113 manufacturers participated. Dealers have access to almost every manufacturer in the country and a directory with the newest trailers in the industry. Through our online portal, we delve even deeper with direct links to social channels, websites, products, dealer networks and more. You even have the ability to e-mail the sales team directly. There’s a lot of developments happening in our industry. Whatever way you choose to keep up with it, I recommend due diligence in figuring out ways to increase your dealership’s revenue pipelines. If you have any questions over some of the aspects we delve into in this edition of NATDA Magazine, please let us know by calling 727-360-0304. 8 NATDA Magazine