NATDA Magazine May/Jun 2018 May/June 2018 - Page 63

“We genuinely want to see our customers succeed,” says Selhorst. “That gives us motivation to be our best and provide the best for them.” The timely transportation Midway aims to provide its customers has been, so far, been a successful puzzle piece to the business’ overall plans. With so many backlogged manufacturers, taking in new trailers isn’t always an easy feat. “Lead times, over the past year, have been a tough hurdle to navigate. I think that shows the strength of the industry, but it can also cause a lot of stress for dealers and their customers,” Hoersten explains. For Midway Trailers, this means making some operational adjustments. While there have been some minor setbacks, there’s also been some fantastic leaps. “We’ve had to focus on getting parts from our suppliers quicker than in the past. Customers can hop online and have parts to their door in a couple days with no shipping. If they are going to stop by your dealership, they expect parts to be in stock or arrive as quickly as they order,” says Hoersten. “This has caused our parts inventory to grow, but has also helped grow our parts department. “ While industry hurdles have led to fluctuating business focuses for Midway Trailers, Hoersten acknowledges the industry is making its way forward. “The industry seems to be updating technology with online ordering, mobile apps, and social media advertising,” Hoersten says. “These types of improvements help dealers sell trailers and keep customers informed of new products.” The trailer industry might be a daily roller coaster, but Selhorst and his team acknowledge that the NATDA Trade Show & Conventions continues to help them prepare. “Our experience with the NATDA has been very educational,” Selhorst admits. “It’s one thing to read Business Insider and Entrepreneur Magazine, but to actually get insights of what’s going on in the trailer industry daily is a huge asset to us. NATDA’s role is to add cognitive value, to get you thinking on how to be a better dealer in the industry.”