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TRAILER VALET REVEALS NEW MOTORIZED XL , REMOTE RVR Six-year NATDA Trade Show veteran Trailer Valet , located in City of Industry , California , reveals two new products for 2018 , the Trailer Valet XL and Trailer Valet RVR .
TRAILER VALET XL With a 1,000-lb tongue weight capacity and a load-bearing weight up to 10,000-lbs , the Trailer Valet XL features the same high-quality construction of the original Trailer Valet . However , the new design contains several new features along with its standard automatic brakes .
• High-strength pneumatic tires withstand 500-lbs of pressure per tire
• A coating that provides 300 hours of corrosion resistance
• Greater gear reduction to make cranking easier
Possibly the most intriguing addition , the Trailer Valet XL ’ s allnew Drill Bit Adapter turns the Trailer Valet XL into a motorized dolly . By simply attaching the adapter to an 18-volt trill , customers can now hook up and move their trailers with relative ease . The one-of-a-kind patented ball attachment allows the Trailer Valet XL to work with almost any trailer .
TRAILER VALET RVR What appears to have been modeled after a futuristic NASA rover , the Trailer Valet RVR gives consumers the ability to move their trailers in almost any space . Complete with a wireless remote control , four planetary gear motors and heavy-duty caterpillar treads gives the Trailer Valet RVR a 360-degree range of motion on all kinds of terrain , including asphalt , dirt , grass and gravel .
3,500 , 5,500 and 9,000-lb weight classes make trailer-moving difficulties virtually nonexistent for both novice and veteran trailer owners .
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