NATDA Magazine May/Jun 2017 NM_May2017_Final - Page 62

W hen I work with the service techs at a store, my goal is to help them, and management, understand the value they bring to a dealership and how they can do their work in the most efficient way possible. A service tech’s inventory is “time” and your goal as a dealer is to sell all of the tech’s time each day. Is it possible to sell eight hours of labor each day per tech? Absolutely. Most of my dealers sell more than that. I am a NASCAR fan and love to watch the efficiency of a pit stop. In most stops, a pit crew can change four tires, adjust the suspension, and fuel a car in less than 13 seconds. So why does it take a car dealership more than 16,000 times longer (about an hour) to put new tires on your car? It’s all about planning. 62 In a pit stop, the crew chief (service manager) has been in constant communication with the driver throughout the race and knows what changes need to be made before the car ever hits the pit stop. His people are positioned with the tools and parts they need to get the work done in the least amount of time possible. Everything is set and ready to go the moment that car comes to a stop. They don’t wait until it gets there to find the tires, and locate the jack or impact wrench. It’s all there ready to go. When a piece of equipment comes into your service tech’s area, it has just entered the pit. I challenge you to stand back and watch what takes place. Is the tech ready to start working on the equipment or is time being wasted as the tech gets ready to start working? Does the tech have NATDA Magazine