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website to differentiate yourself and show that you offer superior value include the “ History ” or “ About Us ” section ( s ) of your site . Maybe you ’ re the oldest , most recognized , or most celebrated dealership in your area . Or , maybe you ’ ve won awards in the trailer industry . Share the things that make your dealership stand out .
Another way to differentiate yourself and prove why you ’ re the better choice is by displaying your expertise . Maybe you have local news articles about your business that you can link , or a blog that you can integrate into your website . Providing proof of your expert knowledge in the industry will build trust between you and your online visitors , and it ’ s an effective way to show them that you are most worthy of their business .
What it ultimately all comes down to ? Directing both your website ’ s design and content toward what your customers want . The layout and navigation options on your site should be intuitive for your visitors – meaning they shouldn ’ t really have to think about it , but move naturally around your site to view the inventory they ’ re interested in and gather the information they need . The content on the inner pages of your site should be less focused on selling and more focused on answering any questions your customers may have . In turn , that will make it easier to sell to them !
A seriously interested buyer who visits your website will submit a lead , or later come into your store , because your website will convince them to do so . The customer will clearly see that your dealership is a good fit for their needs , and that puts you at a major advantage over the dealership down the road with a poor-quality website – or maybe even no website at all . An attractive , easy-to-navigate website with responsive design is key to the success of your business as the world moves more and more towards digital . It goes beyond simply driving traffic to your website . Answer your customers ’ questions when they visit your site and watch your conversion rates soar .
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