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clear high definition video image on the monitor without any image lag. Recent customers have said that the new RF Camera System has the best signal strength of any RF Wireless Camera System on the market today. TUSON RV BRAKES UPGRADES WEBSITE AND IMPROVES CAMERA SYSTEM Tuson RV Brakes (TRVB) is a leading innovator in towable braking technology and towing safety products designed to improve towing safety. TRVB was first to develop a Towable Electric Hydraulic Anti- Lock Braking System and the first Asymmetric Sway Control System for electric brake trailers, the Tuson Sway Control (TSC), tested and confirmed for full functionality with all major OEM vehicles and their in-dash brake controllers. The new RF Wireless Camera System is easy to install and includes a large 7” high-definition video monitor with a 12 Volt DC accessory power plug. The RF Wireless Backup Camera is equipped with a LED Light allowing the user to illuminate the camera subject in low light conditions. The LED light can be turned on and off using the in-cab monitor controls. The RF Wireless Backup Camera is also equipped with a microphone. Consumers will be able to hear through the in-cab monitor the sound at the RF Wireless Backup camera mounting location. The sound volume from the RF wireless camera can be turned up and down on the in-cab monitor by the user. Tuson RV Brakes is pleased to announce that they have upgraded and improved their website. Now product-specific information is available that explains how the braking and towing safety products were developed to improve tow braking performance & safety, be user-friendly and in most cases easy to install. Please visit  to review their towing safety products: DirecLink Brake controllers, HD Truck Modules; ActuLink Electric Hydraulic Actuators, ActuLink Anti-Lock Braking Modules, Tuson Sway Control, RF Wireless Camera Systems and – coming soon – Tire Pressure Monitoring System. If you are having problems with your current RF Wireless Camera System, buy the best performing wireless camera system, the Tuson RV Brakes RF Wireless Camera System. For Tuson RV Dealer and Distributor partners, there is a point of purchase display available for retail sales in your showroom. If you are interested in purchasing the new RF Wireless Camera System email John Soptich at or call 574-226-2065. Or, contact Thomas Reddington at  or call at 405-226-4644. Tuson RV Brakes is also happy to announce the launching of a new and improved RF Wireless Camera System for sale immediately. The company now has RF Wireless Camera Systems in stock at their Tuson Vernon Hills, IL Facility. Tuson RV Brakes has worked hard to improve their RF Wireless Camera System before releasing it. The complaints heard from other RF Camera Systems from users and testing confirmed that the wireless camera signal strength was a problem with all of the major RF Wireless Camera Systems, which resulted in changing two features to improve the new RF Wireless Camera System. The system now uses longer antennas to improve signal strength. Secondly, the camera’s RF signal strength has doubled from the original design. The increased signal strength made the camera signal up to the in-cab monitor strong and reliable using digital wireless signal interference immunity with image stabilization technology that produces a sharp, 10 To learn more, visit Tuson RV’s website at New Line of Westinghouse Portable Generators Introduced by MWE MWE announced a completely new line of Westinghouse portable generators ranging from inverter generators, open frame generators, and contractor-grade generators. The first six models launched in late March and more than a dozen more are launching over the next three months. Select models of the new Westinghouse generators will also feature on- board Smart Technology by Summer 2017 that allows the user to turn on/off and monitor the fuel levels of their generator using an app on an Android or iOS (Apple) device. The Westinghouse portable generators will be one of the first to incorporate Smart Technology. NATDA Magazine