NATDA Magazine May/Jun 2015 - Page 29

Has your dealership won awards or been recognized by the industry or your community? Don’t just share dates and names; add a line or two detailing why that recognition was particularly meaningful to your dealership. Does your About page invite readers to come in and experience the dealership for themselves, and does it assure them that their visit will be easy and fun? People like to do things that are easy and fun. The thought of being pressured to buy something they don’t want doesn’t sound easy or fun, but that’s an unfortunate perception of dealerships. Help potential customers feel comfortable with calling or coming in to the dealership by telling them what to expect. If you use a guided sales process, explain that your sales people will carefully assess customers’ needs; if you allow customers to browse on their own, let users know that your team will happily answer any questions. The goal is to let customers know that no matter where they are in the buying process, they are welcome in your dealership. Your dealership’s About page should be unique to your company and give readers a sense of your company culture, history, and values. If it’s been a while since you revisited the copy on that page, why not make that your next website improvement project? About the Author: Rachaelle Lynn is Google Certified in Analytics and AdWords and has over 12 years of experience in website development and digital advertising, including e-commerce, SEO, PPC, and social media. She has helped many businesses, from small local companies to large international organizations, establish online presences and leverage them to increase revenue. NATDA Magazine 29