NATDA Magazine May/Jun 2015 - Page 24

E very one of Lippert Components’ recreational vehicle and trailer axles boasts an impressive list of standard features and is assembled in the United States. The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and experienced axle professionals ensure that every component meets high standards and customer specifications. Lippert Components (LCI) has developed a number of key production processes for all of its spring, torsion and heavy-duty 10-12k capacity axles. The manufacturing process begins at the drill and camber machine, which LCI’s expert automation team designed and built in house. This machine produces premium product precision and increases efficiency utilizing state-of-the-art technology, including servo control and precision drill units. The intelligent drill and camber machine detects tube size, centers each one for accuracy, and ensures that the camber is within tolerance on each axle before it is permitted to move on to the next step in the manufacturing process. After each axle is precisely cambered, LCI robotically performs critical welds to ensure consistent, fullypenetrated welds on all spindles, spring seats, torsion arms and torsion brackets. Lippert Components uses a one-piece integrated spindle on all axles. The one-piece spindle prevents many alignment issues, uneven bearing wear and potential failure that can be caused by inaccurate welds. The one-piece spindle also means end users are less likely to experience uneven or premature tire wear, which could lead to chucking, poor fuel economy, and towing difficulties. Like the automotive industry, Lippert Components uses a direct current nut runner to ensure the axle spring is installed to the proper torque specifications, ensuring proper torque on all four contact points. LCI records torque readings for every axle. After the axle beams are prepped, the axles are powder coated. Superior to a typical wet coat process, the powdercoat finish ensures that axles will not prematurely corrode. Powder-coated axles are protected against premature corrosion from road salt and other harsh, more aggressive road chemicals. Lippert Components is the only RV and trailer axle supplier to offer fully waterproof silicone connectors standard on all brake wires. Used by the marine industry, these connectors are an added safety feature that prevent brake wire corrosion, ensuring that the brakes work properly. Lippert Components was the first in the RV industry to use ultrasonic testing to ensure the weld integrity of every axle it manufactures. First used in the railroad industry, ultrasonic testing is highly accurate and permits a higher frequency of weld penetration checks on axles. LCI also runs magnet amp checks on all axles to ensure all the wiring works properly, and every brake is adjusted for optimal performance from the start. From the precision robotic cambering machine and integrated one-piece spindle to waterproof electrical