NATDA Magazine May/Jun 2015 - Page 21

Another key factor in TexTrail’s success is focusing on a wider array of trailers for OEM and Replacement parts. TexTrail has recognized the growing need for cargo, utility, horse, livestock, and boat trailer items enabling the company to be a one stop shop for trailer parts, leading the industry in availability. If you need a part for a trailer, TexTrail can supply it and/or stock it locally to suit your needs. TexTrail is one of the country’s largest tire and wheel importers. Their Fitzgerald, GA location boasts more than 130,000 sq. ft. of tire and wheel mounting production. This allows customers to gain access to a wide variety of tires mounted on steel and aluminum wheels. A final component of the key success of TexTrail is the company’s planogram program, designed to help dealers better merchandise while stocking the fastest moving, highest margin products. Let’s face it, many trailer dealers aren’t great merchandisers; TexTrail offers the assistance to ensure that dealers don’t have to be great merchandisers to be successful in the trailer parts business. The planogram program lays out the parts that dealers need along with shelf tags to ensure that dealers can better prepare when ordering, reordering and maintaining margins that are realized in the industry. This program not only helps sales and consistent pricing, but it allows dealers to utilize their financial resources more wisely. In short, TexTrail Trail Inc., is one of the country’s leading trailer parts wholesale distributors to dealers, wholesalers, and m