NATDA Magazine Mar/Apr 2015 - Page 32

WELL, 2014 was an awesome year for us here. We gained a lot of new suppliers, products, and customers. We attended several shows and conventions around the country to learn more about our business and work with new people. We have grown our business in several ways and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this upcoming year. Even though we cannot predict the future, I can tell you one thing for sure…with Dave Tosh as the owner, we will always, ALWAYS be striving for improvement. So of course, we have a few new things to look forward to this year. 5 Improvements for 2015 1. New Dealer Management Software No doubt this will be a big learning curve for us as we try to figure out how to navigate the new systems (please be patient with us as we do so). But what does this mean for you as the customer? Less time in the store as we will finally have a scanner and we can ditch the pen and paper. We will have the ability to keep better track of you, your purchases, and any work done on your trailer. We can easily communicate with you to quickly inform you of the status of your trailer. 2. New Suppliers We are building our stock of open steel frame trailers with the help of two new suppliers: Griffin Trailer will supply us with heavy duty equipment haulers, dump trailers, and landscape trailers. JRC Trailers manufactures utility trailers and car haulers. They also do fantastic custom trailers. 3. HitchGrip This is a really cool product that will be arriving on our shelves in March. This was designed for those frequently tow [