NATDA Magazine July/Aug 2018 NM_July2018_printFINAL - Page 58

Anthony Wood Treating is a southern pine treating facility located in Hope, AR. It treats 1” boards, 2” dimension lumber, 5/4 decking and timbers. The company treats with micronized copper azole in above ground and ground contact retentions. Having opened its doors in 1978, Anthony Wood Treating has now served the trailer industry for over 20 years. All of its 2’ dimension lumber is industry-grade stamped from third party-inspected sawmills. BOOTH #896 Atturo Tire Corp. makes affordable light truck, SUV and crossover tires that ensure you don’t have to sacrifice quality, margins or your independence. You won’t see Atturo at the national distributors. It embraces the independent, wholesaler-to-dealer channel, allowing you to take advantage of your relationship with your local distributor and protect your margins. Atturo may not be your highest-volume brand, but it should be your most profitable! BOOTH #760 Better Life Technology is the leading innovator and manufacturer of top quality, 100% solid polyvinyl flooring solutions for residential, commercial and OEM applications. Its origins began with a simple goal: create superior polyvinyl garage flooring that protected concrete and outperformed other polyvinyl products on the market. Now, G-Floor® is the gold standard for garages and has additional uses outside of the garage – such as trailer, marine, transit and more. BOOTH #233 58 NATDA Magazine