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Advantage WebConnect module also includes an integrated Inventory Management System ( IMS ) for dealers to manage and promote their inventory . Big Tex reports that 60-75 % of pageviews on trailer retailer sites occur on inventory pages , underscoring the importance of keeping listings up-to-date . Big Tex helps the process by loading products , specs and photos into dealer inventory automatically when shipments leave their factory , reducing the workload for dealers . Non-Big Tex products are quick and easy for dealers to load , too , according to Big Tex , which reports that about 50 % of the products loaded into the IMS on dealer sites this year are non-Big Tex items .
Big Tex has built more than 100 new dealer sites in 2018 , with many of the sites performing better and generating more leads than some of those offered by paid solutions like Trailer Central or Dealer Spike . Plus , Big Tex is uniquely able to leverage their brand awareness and search engine credibility to drive additional traffic to dealer sites on the platform . Big Tex says they ’ re continuing to invest in the platform , with web analytics and integrations between inventory listings and buying portals , like Craigslist , on the near horizon .
CONVINCE Increasing leads is a great first step , but you still need to convince them you are their trailer solution . The number-one asset of most businesses is its people , and the Dealer Advantage Convince module invests in your people to make them an even better asset . Creating a top selling and servicing staff takes work and can cost a lot .
Big Tex dealers can take advantage of ATW University , a professional-grade , no-cost training solution that increases product and sales knowledge , so they will be more successful . That makes everyone more money , which improves retention and morale . The free ATW University training also offers courses on safety , and even lets you track the progress of your staff .
“ We offer a deep collection of training materials , with modules focused on the general selling process and additional modules on specific products and product categories ,” said Bradley . He reports that more than 100 salespeople from independent dealerships completed full courses in the first quarter of 2018 with overwhelmingly positive feedback .
CLOSE Finally , Big Tex Dealer Advantage includes the Close module to help you close those customers you ’ ve attracted and convinced to do business with you . There are volume , inventory and delivery benefits to working with a large , dealer-supportive manufacturer like Big Tex , but perhaps the largest closing advantage is the consumer and business financing that only Big Tex dealers can access .
The majority of the trailer industry uses the same consumer finance tools , and they generally offer less than a 30 percent acceptance rate because of limited funding availability and strict consumer credit thresholds . That means a lot of prospects with perfectly good credit who can ’ t finance their trailer purchase have to walk away … right when the sale was about to close .
Dealer Advantage has access to ATW-exclusive funding sources that can free up a lot more financing for your customers and get those sales on the books . In fact , through this sourcing , you can typically finance customers with credit ratings 60-100 FICO points lower than you could through other available trailer financing sources , and debt-to-income is less of an issue . There are also more discounts and better terms than you will find elsewhere , meaning Dealer Advantage helps you close more sales and increase margin while you do it . Wow .
MORE LEADS , MORE REVENUE , MORE MARGIN Better partnerships between trailer manufacturers and dealers are the wave of the future , and Big Tex Trailers is excited to drive that transition . By providing the kind of tools and resources that no other manufacturer today can offer , Big Tex Dealer Advantage is maximizing leads , sales , revenue , margin and customer satisfaction .
If you want to learn more about how we can pull better together , please visit Big Tex at Booth # 900 during the NATDA Trade Show . Don ’ t forget to check us out online at www . bigtextrailers . com .
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