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organizations, then more customers will have their expectations met and the whole industry will benefit. The Dealer Advantage toolkit is broken into three parts to support the three primary stages of the sales process: Big Tex Trailers has always concentrated on providing dealers with a great portfolio of products, deep available in-stock inventory and fast delivery times. Now, they’ve also developed an exceptional “dealer toolkit” that helps dealers connect with prospects, convince them they’ve found the right product and dealership, and close the sale more easily. Connect — Winning the attention of the consumer in the right place with the right presence to draw them in. In other words, g enerating traffic and leads, and following up to keep them engaged. Convince — Helping customers through the shopping experience with deep product knowledge and professional operations that present dealerships in the best light. Done right, this is where dealers can inspire loyalty, overcome objections and increase the lifetime value of customers. Close — Providing tools that remove friction from inking the deal and watching them drive away with a new trailer. This includes financing help, a point where up to 50 percent of sales fall apart. Each of these components will be examined a little deeper below, but it’s easy to see how each of these pieces provides not only a dealer advantage, but also a customer advantage. From finding the right dealership and product to moving smoothly through the sales and closing process, customers will find that the benefits of Dealer Advantage accrue to them, too. And ultimately that’s what helps dealerships win in their markets: happy customers. That and great products, of course! This toolkit is a collection of strategies and resources that they call Big Tex Dealer Advantage, and the program is designed to do just what it says: provide an advantage to dealers as they engage with customers. By increasing leads and traffic, improving sales and operations, and increasing closing rates, Dealer Advantage maximizes dealer revenue and enhances margins. The secret in the sauce is that it helps customers get just what they want, from a dealership they want to do business with. Win- win-win sounds like a cliché, but that’s exactly what this program is about. CONNECT Some buyers just walk through the door because they happened to be driving by. Most don’t. Most come because they know you are the solution to their problem or can help them take advantage of an opportunity. But connecting with prospects is complicated these days, and the Big Tex Dealer Advantage Connect module offers world-class marketing solutions that generate more local leads, convert them to sales and increase market share! Through a program called WebConnect, Dealer Advantage provides customized dealer websites with built-in lead-generation and response mechanisms that are optimized to make the “phone ring, email ding and door swing.” Each site has its own look and feel, with clean designs and professional content. The Dealer continued on page 43 continued on page 27 NATDA Magazine 41