NATDA Magazine July/Aug 2018 NM_July2018_printFINAL - Page 40

The trailer industry has long been full of rugged individualists, self-reliant and independent, doing what we must to be successful. In fact, Big Tex Trailers was founded by just such a character. Ricky Baker got his hands dirty; he hustled and welded and pulled Big Tex into existence by the force of his fiercely independent will. Many of the dealers Ricky sold trailers to had a similar mindset. But that go-it-alone attitude doesn’t always resonate with today’s trailer customers. Trailer customers are used to industries like automobiles and boats, appliances and tools, where manufacturers and dealers work together to deliver the best possible ownership experiences. And in the process, both the dealers and the manufacturers are more successful. That insight is what inspired Big Tex Trailers to go all-in on ensuring the success of its dealer partners, an effort that has only increased in intensity over the last several years. “When our dealers are successful, so are we, and our customers enjoy a more reliable trailer-buying and ownership experience,” said Johnathan Bradley, Vice President of Sales for Big Tex Trailers. By leading the industry in dealer support, Big Tex is creating a new model for what manufacturer-dealer relationships look like. If other trailer manufacturers can help their dealers become more professional sales, service and customer care 40 NATDA Magazine