NATDA Magazine July/Aug 2018 NM_July2018_printFINAL - Page 19

CURT Celebrates 25 Years of American Manufacturing CURT, the leading manufacturer of USA-made hitches and a complete line of towing products, is celebrating a particularly significant 4th of July this year as it marks 25 years of business. CURT was founded in 1993 by Curt Tambornino with its first products being trailer balls and ball mounts. However, it didn’t take long for the product line to expand and a loyal customer base to flourish. CURT quickly become the leading manufacturer of made-in-USA trailer hitches and it owes much of its success to the loyalty of its customers and the dedication of its associates. Today, CURT manufactures over 1,000 different custom-fit hitch models, offering a vehicle-specific fit for nearly every make and model on the road. Each one of these hitches is made on American soil at in Eau Claire, WI and each model is tested at a research and development facility in Wixom, MI. CURT also manufactures the majority of our its wiring and many more products in Eau Claire. After 25 years of challenges and success, the company is excited for what the future holds. It anticipates continued success not only for CURT as a company, but also for its customers and individual associates. CURT’s commitment is to pursue innovation, industry-leading safety and opportunities for American manufacturing for both CURT and its sister brands within the CURT Group family. For more information, please visit NATDA Magazine 19