NATDA Magazine July/Aug 2015 - Page 49

2 Get creative with your booth. Remember to utilize all your resources, the goal is to transform your empty booth space into an exhilarating environment where you can teach, present, entertain, display and connect with valued dealers/ prospects. How will your company stand out from the crowd? What type of impact do you want to make? Make sure attendees can fully understand your company’s message. 4 Enhance the dealer experience during the event. Consider becoming a trade show sponsor. NATDA has created unique sponsorship opportunities that will greatly increase awareness of your company.You can even consider selecting the right giveaways for potential clients have a way to remember your company that relays a simple way to keep in touch and follow-up with you. 3 Engage with your audience before the event. For example, send an e-mail or include us on your newsletter about the upcoming trade show; set up Facebook or LinkedIn event listings and invite dealers; or consider mailing letters/postcards telling dealers that you are exhibiting. 5 Follow-up with any perspective leads. Have a specific, tailored plan for ongoing nurturing to follow your initial follow-up email. Make certain to translate these leads into sales for your company! NATDA Magazine 49