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July/August 2015, Volume 8 Number 2 8 26 Who We Are... Andy Ackerman President Jesse Battle Executive Director NATDA Headquarters 111 2nd Ave. NE., Ste. 1405 Saint Petersburg, FL 33701 Phone (727) 360-0304 Fax (727) 231-8356 The NATDA Magazine is published six times a year by The North American Trailer Dealers Association. Reprinting in whole or by any means—graphic, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying or information storage and retrieval systems—is expressly forbidden without written permission from the publisher. Editorial contributions are welcome but editors recommend that contributors query first. NATDA assumes no responsibility for loss or damage thereto. All photographs should be released for publication by the source. NATDA is not responsible for return of unsolicited photographs or manuscripts. NATDA reserves the right to use material at its discretion and we reserve the right to edit material to meet our publishing/editorial requirements. Please Note: The articles contained in this publication are meant to increase reader awareness of trailer ownership. Its contents should not be construed as advice or instruction on such topics, which should be obtained directly from the product manufacturer. Inquiries & Change of Address write: Karen Anderson Sales Director NATDA 111 2nd Ave. NE. STE. 1405 Saint Petersburg, FL 33701 (727)360-0304 (727)231-8356 FAX Members Take Advantage 18 Big Tex Trailers 26 H&H Trailers, LLC 30 Link Trailer Parts 34 NATDA Dealer Education 35 Elite Technical Workshop 36 Northpoint 38 Race Ramps 43 Redneck Trailer Supplies 46 2015 NATDA Trade Show 48 5 Trade Show Tips 49 Hotel Sponsors 50 Download Our App! 54 New Exhibitors Contents Features In Every Issue 7 12 76 President’s Message Trailer News Ad Index NATDA Magazine is published by Brady Media Group LLC.: Heather Schulman Marketing Director 4 NATDA Magazine Layout & Design by: Stephanie McGhee Art Director MAGAZINE