NATDA Magazine July/Aug 2015 - Page 39

Safely Transporting a Vehicle Without proper weight distribution of the components within a trailer, the transport can be uncomfortable, unsteady to dangerous. A large component within a trailer – a vehicle – isn’t always the easiest to tie down especially given a low-profile disposition. To enhance accessibility to a vehicle’s tiedown points, Race Ramps designed Trailer Mates for both the front and rear tires of the vehicle. More critical are the front Trailer Mates which have a concave top design to help station and cradle a vehicle’s tires while providing a 3” lift that enables more accessibility to its tie-down points. As a time saver, once the ideal position of the vehicle has been determined, marking the location of the Trailer Mates ensures a safe and consistent replicable travel scenario each time. In addition, the extra 3” lift by the Trailer Mates can provide the often needed clearance above the trailer’s wheel well to allow an individual to enter and exit the loaded vehicle once it’s been secured. Trailer Accessories Trailer Side Kicks serve two purposes – they can be a protective guide between the trailer wheels and the steel trailer wheel wells or they can be used to assist in changing a trailer tire. By driving up the Trailer Side Kick using the good wheel, the wheel to be changed will automatically gain ground clearance