NATDA Magazine July/Aug 2015 - Page 35

Dexter Axle provides “Technical Tips” on Axle Performance. Technical experts from Dexter Axle will guide you through a comprehensive workshop focused on getting the best towing experience while considering the critical components such as axles, suspensions, and tires. In addition, an in-depth look at how to properly maintain the trailer suspension system. Get these technical tips and more from the axle professionals to take back to your shop! For more information on Dexter Axle, please visit Bulldog features a technical comparison of Gooseneck vs. Bumper Pull towing which will help you determine which towing set up is perfect for your customers. Bulldog (Cequent Performance Products) presents a full explanation on how the coupling set up between the truck and trailer will impact the towing experience. A technical comparison of Gooseneck vs. Bumper Pull towing will leave you knowing exactly how to tow that next load down the road! Plus, expert tips from the Tekonsha Electrical Engineers on how to maximize the electrical set up on every trailer. For more information on Bulldog (Cequent Performance Products), please go to NATDA Magazine 35