NATDA Magazine Jan/Feb 2019 Jan2019Mag_FINAL - Page 25

To help develop the new brand, CornPro turned to BLNKPG, an Indianapolis-based firm. From developing the font to producing guidelines on how the company’s new look will be displayed, BLNKPG was given the keys to creating a unified theme across the CornPro properties. Brian says he’s working through a third-party company to develop the website, something he hopes will be introduced in the first quarter of 2019. Dealerships and customers alike, are sure to be attracted to CornPro’s new look, but they’ll be even more excited to hear the company will be revealing a new car hauler. CornPro’s current car hauler model will be recategorized to better fit the clientele that’s purchasing the trailer. “This rebranding process has been more than just logo’s and decals. We’ve gone through a lot of changes. Some of it is, literally, just stickers on the trailer and a logo on a piece of literature. But, some of it is what we name our trailers, what we call them, how the dealers see them in a price book,” says Frette. For the car hauler, specifically, CornPro turned to its dealer base to determine if what they had was best classified as a car hauler. “Part of it was seeing how the previous model was being used by talking to dealers. ‘Why are people buying this trailer?’ We found out that it was being bought by equipment haulers. It’s someone hauling a lighter-weight piece of construction or farm equipment,” Frette says. “But, what does the car-hauling industry look for? What do the people that are moving vehicles with this trailer care about? They need something that’s easy to get on, something with an easy angle of approach.” After going through its development phase, Brian thinks the company’s newly designated car hauler will be able to provide exactly what dealers and customers are looking for, including low-rise fenders and a treadplate steel floor w/recessed D-rings. NATDA Magazine 25