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Keystone Welcomes REDARC Electronics Keystone welcomes REDARC Electronics to its towing category. REDARC is a world-class, advanced electronics manufacturer with more than 35 years of experience. Based in Australia, the company is excited to enter the North American market with a new warehouse in Smithfield, North Carolina. Such expansion is a testament to their humble beginnings in vehicle ignition systems and voltage converters, which paved the way for REDARC to become the internationally award-winning power conversion specialist it is today. As the company proudly states, “If it moves. If it has a battery. We can give it the power.” Included in the range of innovative portable electronic solutions is REDARC’s range of in-vehicle battery chargers which maintain a 100% state of charge for auxiliary batteries through a variety of convenient mounting solutions. The company’s newest offering, Manager30, is a state-of-the-art battery management system that provides battery charging via multiple power sources simultaneously, including AC, DC, and solar inputs. “The Manager30 sets the benchmark for off-grid traveling, providing peace of mind when using the comforts of home while travelling around North America,” added the company. Additionally, REDARC offers charge equalizers that evenly split battery power by allowing 12 volts to be “tapped” from the center of a dual battery, 24-volt DC electrical system. The company’s line of DC power supplies provides stable output for any auxiliary load by regulating power from a wide input voltage range and protecting electronics from power surges or spikes. And a variety of smart battery isolators and voltage gauges allow safe and convenient access to power-saving technology. types. With a focus on affordable towing solutions, customers can choose between Tow-Pro Classic or Tow-Pro Elite. Both products feature a compact design that allows them to fit seamlessly into any dash, removing the hassle of mounting within a driver’s leg space where interference can occur with factory-mounted lower airbags. Both are simple to install and work with electric/hydraulic trailer brakes. The customizable braking options of the Tow-Pro range make it a game-changer for enthusiasts seeking more control over their stopping power. The Tow-Pro Classic offers a single, “user- controlled” mode of braking, while the SEMA award-winning Tow- Pro Elite offers an additional “proportional” mode for highway conditions. The latter is the only brake controller on the market with two types of braking modes at the turn of a dial. And with a wide selection of accessories, REDARC assures that customers will get a “clean, quality OE-looking install every time.” Mark Willes, Category Manager of Towing at Keystone Automotive Operations, states, “We’re excited to now offer REDARC brake controllers and battery products through Keystone Automotive. REDARC brake controllers combine smooth braking in a small footprint. It’s at your fingertips when you need it, out of the way when you don’t, and looks and feels great. In addition, REDARC’s battery solutions are a smart way to make sure you always have power—no matter how long or short you’re off the grid, if you’re charging your RV’s battery bank, the battery on your dump trailer, or adding an accessory battery to your pickup.” For more information, please visit Particularly worthy of mention is the company’s Tow Pro line, a revolutionary range of trailer brake controllers that provide smooth, safe, and easy-to-use braking power for any and all trailer 14 NATDA Magazine