NARM Quarterly Winter 2018 - Page 16


MASSACHUSETTS, Boston, Metropolitan Waterworks Museum, Remove, Not renewing this


MINNESOTA, Minneapolis, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Name change, Minneapolis Institute

of Art

NEW HAMPSHIRE, Hanover, Hood Museum of Art, Remove, No longer has membership


NEW YORK, Hempstead, Hofstra University Museum, Name change, Hofstra University

Museum of Art

NORTH CAROLINA, Raleigh, CAM Raleigh, Remove, Lost contact

OKLAHOMA, Tulsa, Tulsa Art Deco Museum, Remove, Lost contact

PENNSYLVANIA, Waynesburg, Greene County History Society and Museum, Remove, Lost


PENNSYLVANIA, Jenkintown, Abington Art Center, Remove, Lost contact

TEXAS, Lubbock, LHUCA (dba The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts),

Remove, Lost contact

Other updates

Et Cetera (continued)...