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perspectives BROKERAGE INDUSTRY INSIGHTS SUMMER 2018 contents Features 6  ould There Be a World Without Brokerage? C Though Brokerage General Agencies (BGAs) have been around for less than four decades, BGAs play a vital role across the insurance industry. BGAs increased the availability of insurance and financial service products to consumers. But what does the future hold for BGAs? We take a look at where BGAs are heading in the next 40 years, and ways technology will help the independent brokerage industry continue to grow. JEAN FEINGOLD 10  AILBA Annual Meeting N View the complete NAILBA 37 Program Preview. Begin planning your NAILBA’s Annual Meeting experience including speakers, agenda, workshops, exhibitors and more. Details on the NAILBA Golf Tournament, sponsors, N37 Mobile App and more. 30  echnology as the New Normal T How to efficiently use technology to manage your agency operations while maintaining client relation- ships and growing your agency.’s Katie Elliott explains how technology has become the new normal throughout the insurance industry. 30 10 KATIE ELLIOTT Departments 4 CEO Insights The Virtual BGA DAN LABERT 21 Legislative Update  Uncertainty in a World that Values Certainty 24 Member Profile  Chuck Olson and OCI Services, Inc of Omaha, Nebraska 27 Life Happens  LIAM 365 34 Index of Advertisers 34 Calendar of Events 34 Brokerage in Motion NAILBA Continues to Staff Up ROBERT N. GARNEAU, CLU, ChFC MARK VALENTINI, MPP 22 NAILBA Charitable Foundation Meet our 2018 Grant Recipients and their Sponsors 21 5