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life happens LIAM 365: Promoting Life Insurance Awareness, Every Day and All Year Long ROBERT N. GARNEAU, CLU, ChFC CHAIR, LIFE HAPPENS September is Life Insurance Awareness month, but it’s a marketing campaign you and your producers can use all year long. I t’s that time of year again to prepare for Life Insurance Aware- ness Month—the industry’s big- gest rallying point. Life Happens created and coordi- nates this national consumer aware- ness campaign each September so that you and the producers you work with can help consumers get the life insurance they desperately need. More than a third of households say they would feel the financial impact within a month if the primary wage earner died, according to the 2018 Insurance Barometer Study by Life Happens and LIMRA. As this year’s chair of Life Hap- pens, I get to see a lot of the behind- the-scenes work the organization does, and they’ve been preparing for this campaign since late last year. We’re excited to have professional athlete and entrepreneur Danica Pat- rick as our celebrity LIAM spokesper- son again. To understand how great Danica has been as our spokesperson for the importance of life insurance, you need only look at the results of her life insurance public service an- nouncement. Over the past two and a half years, it’s been seen on TV or heard on the radio more than 1 bil- lion times (yes, with a “b”). Three Themes, One Strong Call to Get Life Insurance The best part of her participating for the third year is that you are able to leverage all three of the themes that she articulates so well. The first year, Danica spoke about risk and that “Not having life in- surance is a risk you don’t have to take.” In year two, Danica spoke about financial fitness, saying: “Fit- ness extends to all parts of your life, including your finances. And when it comes to being financially fit, get- ting life insurance is key.” Now for Danica 3.0, we’ve built on the very successful and well re- ceived financial fitness theme. This year, the theme is “A Journey to Fi- nancial Fitness.” Here’s the essence of the message: “Step by step. Goal by goal. Do that next good thing by putting financial protection in place with life insurance. Then, no matter what happens in your financial—or life—journey, your loved ones will be OK financially.” Danica is the perfect person to talk about this, as she herself is on a personal and professional journey. Although she finished her racing ca- reer this year with the Daytona 500 and the Indy 500, she is now ap- pearing on every media outlet imag- inable. She knows the importance of financial fitness and lives it dai- 27