NAILBA Perspectives Perspectives Summer 2018 - Page 24

member profile Chuck Olson and OCI Services, Inc. Omaha, Nebraska Where do you see your agency in the next 10 years? Left to right: Nate Olson, Chuck Olson, and Charles Olson II Based in Omaha, Nebraska, OCI became a NAILBA member in 2018. Chuck Olson, CEO, provided input for this article. About the Agency Founded in 2002, OCI is a fami- ly-owned general agency focused on helping brokers navigate the com- plex and ever-changing world of in- surance and employee benefits. OCI was founded by Chuck Olson, who was soon joined by his two sons, Nate and Charles. Since its inception more than 15 years ago, the agency has continued to grow and thrive. To- day, OCI has more than 50 employees and works with 3,000 agents across 43 states—from California to Florida and everywhere in between. OCI’s knowledgeable staff goes above and beyond to educate brokers, en- suring their clients receive the best possible products and service. Be- cause customer service is a top pri- ority for OCI, the agency provides unparalleled support, guidance, and attention to detail. OCI’s mission is to help each professional broker be- come more efficient and successful than they could be on their own. 24 perspectives SUMMER 2018 What makes your agency unique? How is it different from others offering the same services? We rely heavily on technology—but we try to use that technology along with customer service, which is kind of a forgotten art these days. Our agents are looking for the service and the ease of doing business. Technol- ogy can help make the business eas- ier, but they still need the personal touch. I think that’s what we bring. What type of customer are you trying to attract? Our customer is the independent agent who is possibly doing very well with their business but needs backroom support—not only in Life, but also in Health, Disability, Long Term Care, and all product lines. As a personal producer myself, I found the most difficult thing was to find all the experts in one place and not have to go look all over for them. We see the company continuing to grow. We’ve been experiencing a very significant growth pattern over the last six to seven years, and that’s going to continue. It’s a simple con- cept: you tell people what you’re go- ing to do, and then you do it. You do it with transparency, and you don’t try to hide things from people. So, I continue to see our business grow- ing. We are in the process of building a new facility because we’ve run out of room for staff. We just hired sev- en new people this week. You can’t grow if you don’t have space; you can’t take on space unless you have people; and you can’t take on people unless you have business. It’s a cycle we have to continually monitor. We feel we’re bringing something unique to the market that is apparently be- ing very well received. How will being a NAILBA member benefit you and your business? I’ve been involved in the industry with National Association of Insur- ance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), and I sit on their Board of Trustees. I had some discussions with our lead- ership at NAIFA about how we want to build a better relationship with NAILBA. After learning a little bit about NAILBA, I understood that it fits our profile extremely well. NAIL- BA offers a lot of tools and support, and I’m excited to get involved with the association. What attracted you the life insurance industry? I was looking for somewhere to go where I could choose what hours I wanted to work, choose how much money I wanted to make and where I could change the world. Life in- surance allows me to do all three of those things. I’ve changed the lives of many of my clients and the people who depend on my clients. That to me is more important than anything else I’ve done. It’s protecting people that makes all the difference. I tell agents who work with me, “I can’t make you rich, but I can make sure you’ll never be poor.” I tell people to get back to the basics of protecting people, and the other things will come. What are you the most optimistic about the future of our industry? I’m optimistic about young people coming in and realizing it’s a career where they can make a difference. I’ve been excited about this indus- try from the day I came into it, and I’m still excited about it today. I love this business. What inspires you? Family. Making sure that we contin- ue to do the things we’ve promised to do. I’m also inspired by our com- pany and our people. They constant- ly impress me with what they do and how they treat each other. It’s really cool to know there are 50+ people who can make a living and enjoy life because of what we’ve created here. What is the best advice you would offer someone new to this industry? Work hard and stick with it. Success doesn’t come overnight. This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. But you will change the world if you stay in the business.