NAILBA Perspectives Perspectives Summer 2018 - Page 11

FEATURED SPEAKERS EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES • ENDURING RELATIONSHIPS • SALES EXECUTION MARK SCHULMAN LOU HOLTZ FRIDAY GENERAL SESSION KEYNOTE SPEAKER A legend in the music world (Foreigner, Cher, Billy Idol, Stevie Nicks, Beyoncé, Tina Turner) and currently on tour with P!NK. From his keynote speeches with Sony, McDonalds, IBM, and Microsoft, Mark will help #NAILBA37 attendees unlock the maverick business acumen and drum up new levels of peak performance for any sales team! OPENING GENERAL SESSION KEYNOTE SPEAKER GENERAL JAMES T. CONWAY (RET.) Legendary football coach and broadcaster, Lou Holtz, will deliver his “Game Plan for Success.” His message transcends athletics and resonates — even to those who aren’t sports-minded. The focus will be on people and the values that make relationships (and organizations) excel. Session sponsored by FRIDAY CLOSING LUNCHEON KEYNOTE SPEAKER One of the nation’s most highly-decorated Marine generals, Conway has led troops all over the world and has earned an impressive record of military achievement. Conway is expected to address leadership strategies, team building, crisis management and challenges the United States likely will face over the next five to ten years. General Conway will speak at the first ever Military Appreciation luncheon, honoring all NAILBA members who have served in the United States Armed Forces. FEATURED ENTERTAINMENT OPENING GENERAL SESSION JANINE STANGE Janine Stange is an American singer, motivational speaker, and on-air personality best known for performing the Star-Spangled Banner in all 50 states. DOUGLAS MOOERS AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE DINNER ENTERTAINMENT LOUIE ANDERSON A three -time Emmy Award® winner and considered “One of 100 Greatest Stand -Up Comedians of All Time” by Comedy Central. Sponsored by