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Learning new skills or improving others keeps all professionals at the top of their field. NACM provides a wide range of educational development programs tailored to every level of experience, from the career credit professional to the business credit novice. Credit Law: As a sequel to the Business Law International Credit & Risk Management: course, you’ll look closely at negotiable instruments, debtor-creditor relationships and government regulations. [Independent online study on a schedule, contact with students and expert facilitator] This 13-week course is a comprehensive look at global trade: from international trade and the law, analyzing international risk, setting credit lines, the key considerations of global credit risk and risk protection and mitigation to accounts receivable reporting, monitoring and forecasting. Principles of structured trade finance, monitoring trade loans and cash and treasury management, looking at bank systems, controls and financing, export credit insurance are included. [Online, on a schedule, interaction with students and expert instructor] Advanced Credit Policy: This advanced course is intended for managers who make and enforce credit policy. It presents an analysis and formulation of credit policy, including credit investigation, terms of sale, credit-granting and credit limits. [Self-paced, independent online study] Credit & Risk Assessment/Financial Statement Analysis 2: Building on basic accounting and financial statement analysis skills, this course enhances a credit professional’s ability to analyze corporate financial statements or proformas to arrive at a credit decision. [Live at NACM Headquarters or Credit Congress, 5 days, classroom, instructor-led] Business Credit Principles and Financial Statement Analysis 1 courses are also presented in a live classroom format at NACM Headquarters. Professional Education Webinars make learning convenient and affordable. Lasting 60-90 minutes, each webinar tackles a new, current, credit-related topic and features expert speakers. Gain mastery of over 75 credit topics through NACM’s online Credit Learning Center or brush up on your skills by listening to one of many NACM on-demand Webinar digital replay offerings! The Graduate School of Credit & Financial Management ® (GSFCM ® ) is a two-week over two years residence executive education program conducted on the campus of American University in Washington, DC. Designed for those preparing for greater corporate responsibility, the GCSFM provides a program of personal development based on a foundation of key disciplines such as financial analysis, business economics, the legal environment of credit, corporate strategy, negotiation and leadership skills. [10-day resident program, in classroom, instructor-led] Credit Congress & Exposition Each year, nearly 2,000 credit professionals gather for NACM’s premier educational event — the annual NACM Credit Congress & Exposition, which provides a forum for exchanging information on the most current trends in the field. The NACM Credit Congress, packed with more than 60 different educational sessions, a general session and limitless opportunities to network on a nationwide scale, is the best value for your education dollars! www . nacm . org