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NACM Education: On Target A Commitment to Education  EDUCATION THAT FITS NACM brings quality online education right to you. Some offerings are self-paced sessions while other offerings follow a planned course schedule. accounting course presents the basics, covering analyzing transactions, the matching concept, the adjusting process, accounting systems, internal controls, cash, receivables and more. [Independent online study on a schedule, contact with students and expert facilitator] basic costs of credit that businesses should consider when developing a credit policy, how documenting the credit relationship is a vital part of the preparation for lending and how to set the right policies and procedures to ensure a good credit relationship with the customer. You’ll also learn how to evaluate whether your company’s credit policies comply with the Federal and state regulations and the basics of making effective collection calls. [Self-paced, independent online study] Business Credit Principles: You’ll learn all of the Commercial Bankruptcy: You’ll gain a broad vital elements of business credit, including the role of credit in financial management, the components of effective credit department systems, specific government regulations that pertain to business credit, credit policy and procedures, selling terms, negotiable instruments, the Uniform 6W&66FR7&VFBfW7FvF2f6RB'W6W707W&6R'W6W727&VFBg&VBf7F'2766FV@vF7&VFBƖ֗G2BFW&FG&FR2vV0&'WF76FW2BFW&FfW2F&'WF7ॵ6Vb6VBFWVFVBƖR7GVGfW'fWrb&'WF7F&VvG&GV7FFFRFffW&VB6FW'2BFR'FW2ffVBFR"&'WF76FW'2&RF67W76V@FWFFW67&&rrR6FVvF@v&F&VvFRFffW&VB6FW'2^( V&vB&vG27&VFF"2r&V6Fv&2vRV&rFR( ƆrF( &672FVƖpvF&VfW&V6R62B7W7FW'2fƖp&'WF76Vb6VBFWVFVBƖR7GVGФ66VFsF26VvRWfVf6f67FFVVBǗ62F0G&GV7F'6W'6Rf666VFr7FFVVG2BFV"Ǘ62&WfWw2FR&60f67FFVVG2VƗG77VW2W6pFW6R7FFVVG2BFRǗ62bFW6P7FFVVG2f"FRW'6Rbr7&VF@FV662FRV7GW&W2WBW@FRFW&FRFWBBWG0&VWf6RFG&FR7&VFBw&FrFV662ॵ6Vb6VBFWVFVBƖR7GVGЧrrr2"p6W&66V7F3^( V&FRfW 'W6W72s^( V&FRW76VF0VVFVBFVFW'7FBFRrb6G&7G0'7GVGrFRVFW&ǖrFVWG2FBf&ЦWfW''W6W726G&7BFW"F726fW&V@6VFRFRVf&6W&66FRvFV62'F6W2"BBF66&vR'W&f&6RBW&f&6RrvF&VVFW2FWVFVBƖR7GVG66VGVR6F7BvF7GVFVG2BWW'Bf6ƗFF%