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UNITED TRANZACTIONS UTA, a leading provider of payment processing solutions, makes accepting payments safer, faster and more affordable than ever before! As the preferred provider of financial services to NACM, UTA offers its members the finest services available in the industry today. Virtual Lockbox National Member Benefit Programs Learn more how UTA and DadeSystems’s Virtual Lockbox solution goes well beyond traditional lockbox offerings by providing a complete end-to-end, automated A/R solution. Whether you’re capturing payments in the field with a mobile device, in your own mail room, through a customer portal or with an existing lockbox provider, allow us to help you automate the matching of payments to open receivables and process straight through without any exceptions. • Captures payments anytime, anywhere, with any device • Integrates into your accounting/ERP system • Same day, intra-day processing • Auto A/R posting and check clearing • Integrate receivables repository provides real time info Check Guarantee Whether your concern is interchange management, PCI compliance, fraud or another critical payments topic, Vantiv has teamed with UTA to examine ways they can help you minimize your risk and processing expenses and maximize your customer experience. Discounted processing fees •  No application fees •  No monthly account fees •  Interchange management and PCI compliance support •  Dedicated technical help desk and support for NACM •  members With our merchant services program, you can enjoy full rate disclosure without any hidden fees or surcharges. Online Bill Pay Accelerate your cash flow while offering your customers the convenience of Online Bill Pay from UTA. It’s fast. It’s easy. And it’s available 24/7 through a secure payment portal that’s integrated with your company’s website. Eliminate the fear of acccepting checks and the burden of check collections forever. Because with UTA, the leading check guarantee company in America, if your customers’ checks bounce, UTA will reimburse you IN FULL and will assume the tedious and difficult check collections process, not you. Remote Deposit Capture ACH Processing EBPP: Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Collections and point of sale transactions can be made easily over a virtual terminal while completely eliminating any returned payments with our “guarantee” feature. What’s more, funds are deposited into your account and accessible within one to two business days. From achieving faster mail times through UTA’s nationwide mail distribution to implementing our strategies to lower your postage costs, the opportunities for overhead savings from manual billing have never been so attainable. Even better, you can now electronically present invoices via email, fax, or by displaying them on a custom built payment portal. Canadian ACH A powerful tool for businesses that want to initiate and receive electronic payments from customers with Canadian bank accounts. www . nacm . org Credit Card Merchant Services Imagine no more trips to the bank and never having to worry about chargebacks, returned checks, per-check deposit fees, returned check fees or bank fees. UTA provides everything: a check-scanning machine, processing software, and full reporting at your fingertips. To learn more about how UTA can add savings to your company’s bottom line and eliminate risk and unwanted exposure, visit or call 800-858-5256 ext. 3359.