NACM Brochures 2017 NACM Professional Certification Program - Page 7

Testing Recap: Frequently Asked Questions What if I miss the paperwork submission deadline? If your paperwork arrives in our office after the specified deadline, we cannot guarantee an evaluation of your file in time for the upcoming exam. How do I obtain a study guide and materials for an exam? Study guides are available on the NACM website. Books recommended on the study outlines may be purchased from the NACM Bookstore. CBA SM and CBF SM Online Practice Exams are available from NACM-National’s website. The practice exams offer a sampling of the official exam’s format and content. The Credit Learning Center offers CBA SM , CBF SM and CCE ® reviews. Click here for more information. Can I get copies of my graded exam sent to me? We do not release any of the exams to test candidates (neither graded nor clean exams are released). When will I receive my exam results? CBA SM and CBF SM candidates will receive their exam results, either pass or fail, within three to five days of the exam date. CCE ® candidates will receive their exam results, either pass or fail, within seven to 10 days of the exam date. Can I get my exam results over the phone? We do not release test results over the phone. Exam results are released in writing with copies being sent only to the member’s Affiliate. If I am unable to sit for the exam date I selected, can I reschedule for another date? If there is a need to reschedule your exam date due to an emergency or extenuating circumstances, we ask that you notify us in writing two weeks prior to the original selected exam date. If you do not reschedule your exam appointment and fail to show up to take the exam, you will be subject to a rescheduling/no-show fee. Please be aware that you must take the exam within one year of your written approval, or you must reapply. National Scholarship Foundation A National Scholarship Foundation has been established to assist NACM members in continuing their education and achieving professional designations. Funds are raised from generous donations from the NACM community and afford many people the opportunity to continue investing in the future of our profession. NACM members are eligible and encouraged to apply for a national scholarship. For further information on the process and the available scholarship offerings, please click here or contact the NACM Meetings Department at 410-740-5560. Canons of Business Credit Ethics The Cornerstone of the global business economy is the extension of commercial credit. As such, business credit executives, as the guardians of commercial receivables, play the vital and critical role of ensuring the flow of commercial goods and services that support world commerce. In fulfilling their professional duties, business credit professionals pledge to conduct their duties within the constraints of law and to not maliciously injure the reputation of others. Further, business credit professionals pledge themselves to the highest professional standards and principles and to guarding and securing, in confidence, information obtained for the sole purpose of analyzing and extending commercial credit. Credit professionals pledge to: • Adhere to the highest standards of integrity, trust, fairness, personal and professional behavior in all business dealings. • Negotiate verbal or written credit agreements, contracts, assignments and/or transfers with honesty, fairness and due diligence to and for the benefit of all parties. • Render reasonable assistance, cooperating with impartiality and without bias or prejudice, to debtors, third parties and other credit professionals. • Exchange appropriate, historical and current factual information to support the process of independent credit decisions. • Exercise due diligence as required to prevent unlawful or improper disclosure to third parties. • Disclose any potential conflict in all business dealings. Further, credit professionals acknowledge the importance of and shall promote the benefits of continued improvement of their knowledge, skills and expertise in business credit. The pursuit of knowledge will support the strategic advancement of the commercial credit function, as it leads businesses to profitability and growth. 7