NACM Brochures 2017 NACM Professional Certification Program - Page 2

How to Begin the Professional Certification Process Step I. Register with the NACM-National Education Department To begin the certification process, complete the NACM-National Education Department Registration Form found in this brochure or on the NACM-National website. Registration requires a one-time, non-refundable fee and must be submitted before registering to take the CBA SM , CCRA SM or CCE ® designation exam. Confirmation of your registration will be sent to you once all of the information listed below is received. Information to Send with Registration Form 1. Copy of Resume or Summary of Professional Experience 2. Certificates, Continuing Education Earnings Records, End of Course Certificates, Educational Seminars Send as much information as possible about any continuing education earnings you have already completed. You can obtain these records from the sponsors of the conferences and seminars you attended. For example, if you attended a local NACM Affiliate-sponsored event, that association is responsible for maintaining your continuing education earnings records. In the future, simply forward your participation earnings from educational seminars and conferences to the NACM- National Education Department so that an up-to-date record is maintained in your file. By continually doing so, all of your earnings records are consolidated in one place instead of maintained by several different program sponsors. Why is a resume needed for my file? Resumes, like transcripts, help to form a well-rounded file. It gives the NACM-National Education Department addi- tional information about a candidate. In addition, anyone wishing to progress to the CBF SM and CCE ® levels must have a resume on file, as it verifies work experience for Career Roadmap points. 3. Official Transcripts From Undergraduate or Graduate Colleges or Universities Have the college or university send an official transcript directly to the NACM-National Education Department for evaluation. The transcript must be received directly from your college—photocopies are not acceptable. If your transcripts are already on file with NACM-National, you need not have them sent again unless you have taken additional courses. Do I have to send in original transcripts? If you are relying on your college classes to fulfill the re- quired course work for either the CBA SM or CBF SM , we need official transcripts (with r