NACM Brochures 2017 NACM Professional Certification Program - Page 19

NACM Career Roadmap points B. Service as a Mentor (5 points for each mentee / 5 points for each award / 30 points max) If you have served as a mentor, please list the name(s) of the people you have mentored. Mentoring can include training or coaching new employees. Please attach a typed 250-word or less statement describing how you served as the mentor to each person listed below. If the individual you have listed as a mentee achieves either the CCRA, CBA, CBF or CCE designation, you may claim 5 points for each award. Mentee’s Name C. points Mentee’s Company (5 points for each course / 15 points max) If you have taught (full or part-time) at a degree-granting institution or are an instructor for an NIC, CAP or ACAP program, you may receive credit in this section. Please attach copies of the course brochures listing you as an instructor or have the course sponsor verify your service by letter. Location Title of Course Taught Course Hours Year D. Panelist or Speaker (1 point for each 2 hours of speaking / 15 G2bRfR6W'fVB2VƗ7B"7VW"B6fW&V6R6V֖""VWFrRv&BW'6VbR@f"WfW'GvW'2b7VrV6RƗ7BFffW&VB7VrVvvVVG26W&FVǒV6RGF6F7VVFFbV6FVƗ7FVB6W2b'&6W&RVWFrF6R"WGFW"g&FRWfVB76"&R66WF&PF7VVFF&w&76 G0VFV^( 26W'Ff6FFFP7G'V7F"BFVw&VRw&Fr7FGWF"FVw&VR&w&Ф6VvRVfW'6GG0VFV^( 2FVWRV&W RV&Ɩ6FP6W76P6W76VwF6FFFP'F6W2V&Ɨ6VBRG2f"V6'F6R#G2FR'F6RW7BW'FF7&VFBf6R"'W6W72&RV&Ɨ6VBBW7B&RBV7B#Sv&G2"&R'F6W0V"ֆW6RV&Ɩ6F2Ww6WGFW'2'W6W727&VFBvR"FR5$bW&VV&Ɨ6VBW'0BW67&G2FBVƖgGF66bFR'F6R2FF2f&FFRb'F6PFFP