NACM Brochures 2017 NACM Professional Certification Program - Page 17

NACM Career Roadmap points C. CBF Required Courses (1 point per course / 2 points max) Record Business Law and Credit Law courses taken through NACM-National, through an NACM local affiliate or through a college or university. Official college transcripts must be received for verification purposes. Course Name points Grade Date D. Self-Study Courses (1 point per course / 20 points max) Self-study courses are taken at your own pace outside of school and are sponsored by NACM, professional associations or organizations. Attach a copy of your course certificate(s) as documentation of your successful completion of each course. Course Name points Sponsor/Location Sponsor/Location Total Hours/CEUs Earned Grade Date E. Continuing Education at Conferences, Seminars and Meetings (1 hour = 0.1 point / 40 points max) This includes continuing education received at locally, regionally or nationally sponsored educational gatherings, as well as employee-sponsored training. All continuing education points are based on session content, session length and your attendance. For every hour of continuing education you receive, you may award yourself 0.1 CEU. You may earn fractions of points. Please attach evidence of CEUs earned, or a copy of the educational offering brochure or meeting notice for each entry. Use the Supplemental Information section on the last page if more space is needed. Event Name Event Sponsor Location Date CEU 17