NACM Brochures 2017 NACM Professional Certification Program - Page 16

NACM Career Roadmap To submit this Roadmap: 1. You must be registered with the NACM-National Education Department. 2. Attach the appropriate designation application and fee to this Roadmap. Please read all instructions carefully before completing this form. Please enter your self-score for each item in the box. Points may be earned in any of the three sections, with no minimum or maximum needed in any one section. Please be sure to sign the Roadmap once completed. It must be signed to be evaluated. Make a copy of your completed Roadmap for your personal records. Mr. or Ms. ____ First Name:_____________________ Middle or Maiden:__________________ Last Name:______________________ Birth Month/Day (MM/DD): _________________________________________________ Check the designation for which you are applying: q CBF SM 75 Documented Roadmap Points, having earned the CBA SM and completed the two course requirements q CCE ® q Plan A: 125 Documented Roadmap Points, 10 Years Experience and having earned a four-year college degree q Plan B: 125 Documented Roadmap Points and having earned the CBA SM and CBF SM q Plan C: 125 Documented Roadmap Points, 15 years experience and 57 years of age or older Section I – Education points A. Undergraduate Courses (1 point per 3 credit hours / 40 points max) Graduate Courses (2 points per 3 credit hours / 30 points max) Record courses taken beyond high school. This includes courses taken at degree granting institutions only. Points will be granted even if a degree was not earned. Official grade transcripts must be sent by the university or college to the NACM-National Education Department to document these points. Institution points Degree/Major Credit(s) B. NACM Formal Programs (60 points max) • NACM In-House Certificate Sessions • Graduate School of Credit & Financial Management® (GSCFM®) (10 points each) (30 points for completing the full program; 10 points per year attended if you did not complete the program) • Legal Workshops (3.5 points each) Program 16 Date Location Year Completed