NACM Brochures 2015 NACM Professional Certification Program - Page 6

Testing Procedures and Information National Exam Date Schedule The dates for the CBASM, CBFSM and CCE exams are published on the back cover of this brochure and on NACM-National’s website. The exam test date schedule may be modified from time to time; all exam candidates will receive updated information and schedules with their written eligibility confirmation if this occurs. Your registration form, application form, corresponding fees and documented Career Roadmap (if applicable) must be received by the NACM-National Education Department by the day of the paperwork deadline to ensure a formal evaluation of your information for each exam. You will receive written confirmation of your file status approximately four weeks from the date your paperwork is received. Testing Certification exams are administered in accordance with the national test date schedule. No cell phones, books, notes or reference materials are permitted in the exam room; however, hand-held calculators are permitted. Exam results are released in writing as pass or fail (unsatisfactory) only. Numeric grades are not released. Candidates receiving a failing result will be given study suggestions to help prepare to retake the exam. You are encouraged to study for the examination. For the CBASM and CBFSM designations, test questions are drawn from the material covered in the required courses. Because NACM reserves the right to update the exams, qualified candidates should reference the current study outlines to prepare for the exam. All of the recommended study texts can be purchased through the NACM-National Bookstore. CBASM and CBFSM Online Practice Exams are intended to provide a sampling of the official exam’s format and content. They are not intended to reflect the exact number of questions on any specific subject nor are they reflective of the exact number of questions found on the official exam. The Online Practice Exams are meant for study preparation and as a tool to become comfortable with the testing process. CBA , CBF and CCE® exam reviews are available in an audio/ visual format through NACM’s online Credit Learning Center. Your local NACM affiliate may also offer designation exam reviews. SM SM Exam Retake Fee Should your exam results be unsatisfactory, you may retake any of the designation exams on the next scheduled test date. You must complete and send the exam retake form found in this brochure along with the appropriate retake fee to the NACM-National Education Department. Your form should be received by the NACM-National Education Department at least 30 days prior to the scheduled test date. The CBASM retake fee is $55, the CBFSM retake fee is $80 and the CCE® retake fee is $110. These fees are valid through December 31, 2015. Exam Rescheduling and Fees The NACM-National Education Department must receive written notification of your wish to change exam dates at least two weeks prior to the exam date. A $40 fee is charged if you reschedule later than two weeks prior to the examination date, or are a no-show for the examination. This fee applies each time you reschedule or cancel later than two weeks prior to the exam. Testing Expirations Candidates must take the appropriate designation exam within one year of written eligibility and must pass the exam within three years of eligibility. Failure to complete the process by taking or passing the exam will require the candidate to reapply. Certificates and Lapel Pins Upon successful completion of the required exams, a complimentary certificate