N Common Spring 2017 - Page 57

O N E F O R T H E N One for the Men M E N THE IPAD POCKET PROJECTOR SKYDROP This is the pocket-sized pro je ct or t hat connects directly to an iPad t o inst antly display enlarged views of phot os, movies, and presentations. Smalle r t han a S M A R T S P R I N K L ER CO N T R O LLER smar tphone and weighing le ss t han 5 oz., Easier, Greener the device plugs into an iPad’ s 30- pin Skydrop is the brain your a uto m a tic char ging port, turning any space int o a sprinkler system has always need ed. movie theater without complicat e d setup Replace your existing sprinkl er b o x w ith or cables. Its 35-lumen LED produce s 6” to Skydrop, and connect to your w if i network 60 ” diagonal images from 8” t o 78 ” away (you’ll need a strong signal), a nd it g a thers with a 4:3 aspect ratio. The proje ct or’ s 640 weather data to optimize water ing . Never x 480 pixel resolution ensures a sharp view, again will your sprinklers waste w a ter on a a manual focus wheel fine- t une s image rainy day. clar ity, and the iPad’s speake rs cont rol the sound. With a free app, users can magnify or r otate images and projec t e ve ryt hing f r om YouTube videos to live Int e rne t surfing sessions. HONDA’S MIIMO ROBOTIC LAWN MOWER Honda Miimo is the perfect sol utio n f o r those wanting a beautiful lawn b ut w o uld rather not or can’t mow it thems elv es. The ultimate time and labor saving d ev ice, once installed it needs minimal hum a n interaction when working to ensur e a beautifully cut lawn, every day, f o r the length of the mowing seas o n. NCOMMON   57 SPRING 2017