N Common Spring 2017 - Page 56

O N E F O R T H E ME N “ Storms make trees take deeper roots. — Dolly Parton COOL GADGETS EVERY MAN NEEDS THIS SPRING WEBER IGRILL 3 BLUETOOTH THERMOMETER Wi th Spring tugging at your shirt tail, it’s iGrill is the world’s first app-enab led , ti me to star t thinking about all those Bluetooth cooking thermometer. The new est proj ects and ideas you had intended grilling essential – the iGrill 3 digita l to do last spr ing but “just ran out of Bluetooth thermometer monitors you r f o o d ti me” befor e getting them done. Or from beginning to end, displaying th e r ea l- better yet, how about the list of spring time temperature, fuel tank level (an d k no b honey-do’s that your significant other light control on Genesis II LX models o nly ) has meticu lously outlined for you that on your mobile device. Connect up to f o ur i s s ecurely snug under a super, strong temperature probes and monitor your stea k , magnet and placed front and center on your refriger ator door? chicken, or roasts all at one time. Select Oh yes men, the from dozens of presets from beef to p o r k to ti me has come…. chicken and fish, or create your own custo m Mowi ng the lawn, servicing the sprinkler presets for special dishes done just the w a y s ys tem, putting together a backyard you like. An Alarm will notify you when y o ur theatre for your kids (and all their food is cooked perfectly. fri ends that will constantly be hanging out at your house and eating up all your grocer ies and then asking you to gri l l steaks f or them for dinner…), and… (B REATHE) It is all going to be O.K. We have come up with a few spectacular gadgets that will make your spring, and s um mer, pr ojects and chores much easier for your mind to muster and your body t o hack. NCOMMON   56 SPRING 2017