N Common Spring 2017 - Page 52

H O ME A N D S T Y L E “ Refresh With Flowers Refresh Your Linens Put flowers everywhere. In vases, jars, tins... Anything you can find, basically. Go from room to room and edit your space by replacing pillows, throws and area rugs, duvet covers (you name it!) with lighter weight options in linen and cotton. Crisp white and lighter colors are key. Refresh Your Wall Art When the spring countdown starts, hang bright happy photos and vibrant abstract art and adding mirrors, does wonders for brightening a space. Even smaller mirrors do the trip, especially when you curate a “gallery wall” of mirrors in contrasting shapes and sizes. Refresh With Graphics Refresh With Paint Turn a traditional spring table on its ear: swapping out pastels for graphic black & white. It gives seasonal prints like checks and florals a little edge. Paint is easy, affordable and impactful. These spring colors are surprisingly versatile. NCOMMON   52 SPRING 2017