N Common Spring 2017 - Page 30

BR ID A L STATEMENT-MAKING U NIQ U E J E W E L R Y J ew eled h ead pieces can add a tou ch of glitz an d glam in s u ch a beau tiful, s u btle w ay. Sparklin g ir ides cent bi ndi a s ymbol of love, hones ty and pros per ity . You finally found your perfect wedding dress...but wait... you can’t stop there, not if you’re looking to make a style statement on your wedding day. Rocking a piece of unique, eye-catching jewelry is an effortless way to flaunt your bridal style. From a bohemian inspired jeweled head piece to a pearl body chain backdrop necklace, unique pieces of bridal jewelry are giving brides more options to go beyond the traditional pieces. No longer are the days of the bridal earring-necklace combo. Brides are now able to show off their clavicle, shoulders, hands, and arms with striking, yet elegant pieces of bridal jewelry that can transform any simple dress into something glamorous in the blink of an eye. NCOMMON   30 SPRING 2017