N Common Spring 2017 - Page 26

IS T H E NEW CO LO R N E W W H IT E For the bride-to-be , picking out a wedding dress is one of the most exciting (and maddening) parts of the wedding adventure. Just like searching for and finding “The Perfect Guy”, the same is true when searching for and finding “The Perfect Dress”. The secret to finding the perfect dress? Well it’s actually all in an equation: many prayers + patience + consistency + time (spending to browse racks and racks of the wrong dresses) + a streak of luck + answered prayers. For the style-loving bride-to-be, the wedding dress of choice has always been beautifully chic and, perhaps, unique, but limited to the traditional colors of white or off-white. But now that we have entered a new, modern era, white (and off-white) wedding dresses have now met their match. As beautiful as the traditional white wedding gowns are, colorful bridal gowns are totally raising the bar for both the traditional and non- traditional bride! In today’s bridal fashion, there are so many different options for color, shape, and texture that, no matter what the style, every bride can be truely chic and totally unique. Whether just a pop or the whole “shabang”, color on a wedding dress is an unexpected way to add some personality to an otherwise simple, classic gown. For the bride that dares to step away from the conventional, time- honored traditions, I challenge you to take an adventurous step outside-of-the-box and walk fearlessly, confidently and colorfully down the isle. Because that, my friend, is what a true bridal fashionista would do. So with that being said, here are 10 chic and unique gowns that are sure to inspire even the most traditionally- inclined bride. NCOMMON   26 SPRING 2017