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BU S IN E S S N S PO T L IG H T Spring Wedding Preview TREAT YOURSELF BEFORE THE BIG DAY B R I D ES W AN T EV ER YT H I N G T O B E PER F EC T ON T H EI R W ED D I N G D AY AN D T HAT I N C L U D ES T HE W AY T H EY L O OK AN D F EEL .  By Lacey Sudderth / Staff writer From the location, to the dress, to the “The spa offers the Spray Tan Machine, photographer, brides want everything to which is the only artificial tanning ma- be worry free. Nothing is better than hav- chine with its capabilities offered in McA- ing confidence on that special day.  lester,” Miller said. “We also offer Epionce For brides looking for ways to look and Medical grade cosmeceutical that Lisa feel their best, they can look no further than a new addition to McAlester called the skin care line, Dr. Carl Thornfeldt.” the Elite Advanced Medical Spa. The spa The spa also offers treatments such as has everything a bride-to-be needs and the vampire facelift, which is a procedure is conveniently located inside The Grand that combines science of hydaluronic Event Center, 225 E. Carl Albert Parkway. acid filler, your own platelet rich plasma The spa offers the latest, most renowned and the artful eye of a skilled provider to cosmetic and aesthetic technology in “ He has made everything beautiful in it’s time. ecclesiastes 3:11 was trained by the surgeon who invented deliver youthful, natural beauty that is a McAlester.  unique as you, Miller said. EAMS Shareholder and Investor Andee Miller said this is the spa’s third location Miller said the spa offers services that are not comparable to other spas in town. “No one else offers this type of spray tan and face lift,” Miller said. EAMS Founder and Registered Nurse Lisa Daniel has 16 years experience as a nurse and has been special izing in cosmetics for seven years.  NCOMMON   and she is passionate about what the spa has to offer brides or anyone wishing to improve the way they look and feel.  “This is something we have been doing for years,” Miller said. “At Elite Advanced Medical Spa the possibilities are endless.” For more information contact 214-206- 5678 or eliteadvancedmedicalspa@gmail. com. 21 SPRING 2017