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Save Your Vision for books, movies, friends, family & seeing the world! Many eye diseases present no symptoms in their early stages, yet early detection and treatment are key to preventing vision loss. Protect your precious vision with proper nutrition, sun protection and a comprehensive annual eye exam. See to a bright future. Call to Schedule Your Eye Exam Today. WE NOW CARRY TORY BURCH GLASSES & SUNGLASSES Mc ALESTER’S 2016 Mc ALESTER’S 1st Place PHARMACIST 1st Place PHARMACIST DR. JEFFREY DUFF McALESTER VISION CENTER BOARD CERTIFIED 211 NORTH 5th • McALESTER 918.426.0106 Mc ALESTER’S 2016 1st PLACE OPTOMETRIST NCOMMON   18 SPRING 2017 2016