N Common Spring 2017 - Page 16

W e d d in g V e n u e s T he Venue The Venue is a two-story, historic building located in the heart of McAlester.  The renovation of The Venue, formerly known as Cece- lia’s in historic downtown McAlester, has brought a lot of attention to historic downtown.  The recently opened venue space is a unique addition to the district and a unique space to have your fairy tale wedding.  “This is the most historic venue in town that has been completely remodeled, “ The Venue Owner Kindra Rid- del said. “It has a Victorian feel with the original wood- en flooring and chandeliers.” Riddel says the venue has the ability to host the wed- ding ceremony and reception on each of the two floors so the guests can stay in one place for both events. The Venue does not restrict catering but promotes that the wedding party find any catering of their choice. “For $2,500 they get the floor of their choosing all day and we include the table chairs and table cloths and re- hearsal time,” Riddel said.  For booking information visit www.thevenue.com or email thevenuesmcalester@gmail.com  “ “Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s party!”  — Robin Williams NCOMMON   16 SPRING 2017