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W E D D IN G V E N U E S N Spring Wedding Preview LOCAL VENUES OFFER ELEGANT OPTIONS FOR YOUR WEDDING ST O P D REA M I N G A B O UT Y O UR FA IR Y TA LE WE DDIN G AND S TART MAK ING IT A REALITY BY TYING THE K NOT A T ONE OF T H E M A N Y B E A UTIFUL VE N UE S LOCATED IN MCALES TER AND S URROUNDING AREAS . W E W I L L L O O K A T FIV E V EN UE O P TIO N S, ALL OF WHICH COULD S ERVE AS THE PERFECT LOCATION FOR YOUR H A PPILY E V E R AFTER DAY. By Lacey Sudderth / Staff writer Occasions at the Mansion First, we look at “Occasions at the Mansion” which is a “The Puterbaugh family was very important to the eco- unique venue located near historic downtown McAlester. nomic and cultural atmosphere in McAlester for decades The Mansion is the former home of business magnate and and decades,” Woodley said. “Mr. Puterbaugh didn’t have philanthropist Jay Garfield Puterbaugh. children so it was very important he host social events and parties that included a variety of people from McAlester.” Owners Cara Bland and Robin Woodley have transformed this historic home into an elegant and charming event cen- The estate rests on a hilltop overlooking McAlester. The ter while maintaining its historic integrity.  view is breath-taking and maintains a feeling of privacy when it is actually located near the heart of McAlester. Woodley said the estate has been one of the cultural cen- ters for entertaining in McAlester for around 100 years. NCOMMON   13 SPRING 2017