MyPEM Magazine Vol. 3 - Page 5

Why did I select such a project and wanting to interview Malaysian photographers? Just like how I discovered someone who could teach me about portraiture, and I didn't have to travel far virtually or physically to find him, I figured there must be other talented Malysian photographers. I joined a FB group called Fotografi Jalanan Malaysia(FJM) in February this year(2014) and got my first taste of what's called street photography and I love it! That's where I met many other photographers who I've befriended on FB and saw their photos or specialization. I was right, we have many talented photographers. I also connected with other photographers or enthusiasts and was invited to join a photography club on FB managed by a friend which is the MRSM Seremban Photography Club. I realized that not all are professionals. Some are weekend photographers and some amateurs or purely enthusiasts. But they have one thing in common as I have, the passion for photography! That's when I decided to undertake this personal project. To share with everyone, their story, their passion, their lessons learnt and hopefully to ignite the same interest in others so that we can capture our various photos and experiences through our lives here and collectively it becomes a story about Malaysia as well, from the photographers eyes.

The criteria I opted for whom I wanted to interview and if they in turn agree are as follows...

Malaysian Photographers Series (September 2014)


1. AzmanKarib Photography personal selection

2. Nominations or Recommendations by others

3. Amateur to Professional

4. Across all race, age groups plus male and female

5. Across all categories eg portrait, landscape, wedding, street, etc


1. Showcase to fellow Malaysians and also the World of our very talented Malaysian photographers.

2. Featuring their life stories, inspiring and difficult moments.

3. Achievements or Projects.

4. Real world advice to budding photographers especially younger generation of Malaysians who want to pursue photography as a hobby or career.

5. Narration of between1-3 of their most favorite photos or portfolio captured throughout their life. What makes that particular photo magical or holds a soft spot and a favorite for them.

This list of photographers is about whom I admire and also recommended by others. It will range from enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals. Of all races, male and female, young and senior. The idea is to share our passion and ignite others. Especially the younger generation.

My interview with Amri Ginang was held on 2 September 2014 at a boutique cafe of my choice called Wood & Steel in The Strand, Kota Damansara.

My interview with him follows...