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Insects are commonly consumed in many countries of the world for their nutritional value and taste. The very first "Bug Banquet" was held in 2016 and piqued an interest among many San Antonians.

"Insecta Fiesta", was this year's unique insect culinary experience. Fire ant queso, toasted mealworm salsa, and waxworm guacamole greeted 75 guests and led to the evening’s main course of poblano cream vegetable enchiladas made with cricket-flour tortillas and locally grown squash and zucchini, served with cilantro lime rice and a micro-greens salad. Dessert was a flan cake drizzled with honey from our very own honey bees and cinnamon-sugared crickets.

This year's courses were paired with unique, craft beers selected by Blue Star Brewing Company owner Joey Villareal.

4-H'ers, including six members of our entomology team, served as sous chefs and shared their experience on the local news! For more information about this event and entomophagy, click here.

Insecta Fiesta