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FA L L 2 0 1 4 MyTime CL A SS E S A N D E V E N T S F O R WO M E N OV E R 4 0 INSIDE THIS ISSUE Deep Easy Yoga PAG E 1 Herbal Tea PAG E 3 Stress-Free for the Holidays PAG E 6 Putting the FOCUS ON YOU Midlife can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling times of your life. Taking some time for yourself and paying special attention to your evolving emotional, spiritual and physical needs can help you embrace all the great things this special chapter has to offer. That’s why Mount Carmel created My Time. It’s a unique offering of classes, physician seminars and special events for women covering everything from diet, exercise, health and wellness to journaling, life planning and making the most of the holidays. Each is facilitated by a leading expert and designed to set aside some quality time just for you, enhance your sense of well-being and give you the chance to connect with other women facing the same challenges. It’s a fun, educational and holistic way to approach what can be the best years of your life. So take a look at this season’s exciting offering of programs and events and join us. Because it’s your time now.