My first Magazine - Page 9

Gilded Balloon presents GRANT STOTT’S TALES FROM BEHIND THE MC Sunday 26 February, 7.30pm Standard £14 Concession £12 COMEDY Following up his appearances in the Sold Out Fringe First winning "Kiss Me Honey, Honey" and "Willie and Sebastian", Grant takes a look back at some of the funny, strange, awkward and bizarre moments that have happened to him from his time working in the police, radio, telly and panto. What was Daft Davie trying to say to his Mum on the radio? How did a well-known Rangers players name make Grant say the worst possible swear word live on air? And how did that song about Fife come about?” “Hugely likeable, Stott brings his material to glorious life. He sends the audience away with a massive ܚ['HHX[TPPSY^H \[  ˌB\XX[\X]ۙHو\]\]B[Y\܈ۙHYۛHHH][H]\[[YYX[\[H\]žYX\\[TK]X[[ ]\[XK[[YK\\\]\\ HX\\ܞ][\][\[H؜\][ۜۂYKYH[YHH[HۛH\ܚX\š[H\ۙHو\]\]H[ ]\YYX[˂˙\XX[B'Y]H]\[\[\\\X[8'BH\[[\M'\YYH\XX[\\H8'BH[Y\‚ۘ\[ۂLY[LB