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Single Shoe Productions CRAZY GLUE Thursday 20 April, 7.30pm Crazy Glue follows the comedic roller coaster of a couple’s romance as they move from the blossoming of first love through to the thornier terrain of married life. Inspired by the physical comedy of Buster Keaton and the madcap absurdity of Looney Tunes, Single Shoe Productions fuse clown, mime and dance into a universally accessible show that reveals the mad, messy, sticky side of love. PROFESSIONAL THEATRE They have a car in the garage, a chicken in the pot and a child on the way. But is that enough to make true love stick? Inspired by Etgar Keret’s short story Standard £13 Concession £11 HELL’S HUNNER ACRES An Arts Enigma Production Wednesday 19 April, 7.30pm The Gorbals. 1965. Flit back in time as the “Cairns” family close the door on tenement life and catch a ‘lift’ to the heaven of high rise living at Queen Elizabeth Square. Live, laugh and cry with them as new design unravels a family and its community. The smash hit comedy/drama “Hell’s Hunner Acres” takes you back to the banter of Tenement Brick, Beaverbrooks & The Barrowlands dances & new designs as it explores the changing faces of “Sou’side” Glasgow from the 60s onwards. Written and directed by Paul Moore “With cracking original songs.” The Evening Times Standard £13 Concession £11 Student £9 07