My first Magazine - Page 41

EROS Musical Society Tue 16 – Sat 20 May 7.30pm each evening LOCAL THEATRE 2.30pm Sat matinee When the S.S. American heads out to sea, etiquette and convention head out the portholes as two unlikely pairs set off on the course to true love… proving that sometimes destiny needs a little help from a crew of singing and tap dancing sailors, an exotic disguise and some good oldfashioned blackmail!! Full of toe tapping tunes and much comedy, don't miss this classic Cole Porter musical. Tickets from £12 Harlequin - Eastwood Theatre for Youth Wed 24 – Sat 27 May 7.30pm each evening 2.30pm Sat matinee This exciting musical comedy is based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. It takes us into the American mid-west in 1955 and tells the story of Natalie, who dreams of “hitting the road” and Chad, a rock ‘n’ roll loving biker, who stops at the town’s garage to have his bike repaired. Natalie, the mechanic, immediately falls for him. The show follows all the “will they won’t they” drama, set to a fabulous score full of those wonderful Elvis songs we know and love. There are of course a few hilarious hiccups and surprises along the way, building to a fantastic triple wedding finale. Tickets also available from 07593 093028 or email Tickets £12 – £14 41